Reflecting on Media Productions

Technologically, my communication skills have been strengthened because I ask questions about Final Cut Pro to ensure that I am editing my videos to the best of my ability. Also, when I conduct interviews, I use a recorder and lavaliere microphone. This has helped me strengthen my communication skills because I talk with the interviewee about how they should hold the microphone or where to place it on their shirt. These interviews have helped me get to know the people that I interview more.

My visual communication skills have been strengthened throughout this whole class. I learned how to tell the audience a story using visuals. I communicate with my interviewees telling them that I will be filming them while they are doing a task. I explain to them that I will be demonstrating the five shot rule. I make sure that I am able to communicate with them what the five shot rule is and how that will help me tell their story to the audience. This has all helped me improve my communication skills with other people and make sure that I am communicating the story in the video and pictures effectively. I also have to make sure that my captions are able tell the audience who is in the picture and what is going on in the picture.

My communication skills have strengthened interpersonally. My skills have strengthened because I have been able to approach people and ask them if they would be willing to do an interview with me. Then, I stay in contact with them and we compare schedules. After we compared schedules, we decided on when and where we are going to meet for the interview. I also explain to them what is going to happen during the interview. I also ask them if they have any questions about the interview and filming process. This communication with the interviewees has helped my communication skills a lot. It is important to know how to communicate with others and to listen when they communicate with me.